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Cotton Plantation.
In Ghana.

Arailius-Ghana is an agricultural company currently investing in activities to develop a profitable cotton production project in Ghana. The project is a joint partnership with farmers exploring a farm model that combines commercial farms with small-holder farms. This initiative will transform aspect of the existing over 250,000 hectares of unused cotton land in the Sissala, through increasing its use in multiple profitable agricultural activities to improve the value of agricultural land and reach the final estate development cycle of transforming rural property.


our mission

To be the largest cotton production company in Africa, with the most diverse global brand of cotton products. Hold a leading position through building one of the most successful surgical cotton production companies in the world

What We Do

Arailius Gh. Lt is a group that believes in the potential of cotton as a means of alleviating poverty amongst the rural folk, especially for the more marginalized groups such as women and those without formal education. As such, the Group has ventured into cotton production with the passion to promote the sector and help and enhance the livelihood of cotton farmers in rural Ghana. Arailius Ghana opted for the production of organic cotton instead of conventional cotton as a result of the adverse effects that conventional farming poses to the environment. Organic production of cotton is a completely natural and sustainable farming practice. It yields vital benefits in reducing the risks of both human and environmental exposure to toxic materials

Works with the community

The company aims to play a key role in creating sustainable welfare programs for children including implementing programmes for improved healthcare, potable water supply, apprenticeships, education, especially improving girl child enrolment and retention through instituting scholarships and other opportunities for them

Practical Knowledge

Arailius has a high quality team with a combined 60 years’ record of designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating cotton projects. Over 60 years combined experience and insight into cotton research, policy and production

Technical Training

The Company also aims at providing support in the form workshops in enhancing the technical abilities of our farmers so as to increase productivity with safe practices, and providing learning and training opportunities in our facilities to the wards of farmers and other community members interested in acquiring knowledge in cotton production.

Professional Advice

The Board of Arailius comprises of a teamexperts with considerable experience in setting up and successfully managing tailored cotton projects in Africa and strategic investors thereby, fulfilling the combination of policy, financial objectives and commercial principles.

Free Fertilzers

The Company amongst other implements, supplies organic fertilizers to the small – holder farmer groups. Typically organic Fertilisers Supplied include all animal waste or maure, guano, and compost.

Easy Access

Arailius will seek to optimise market development and maximise leverage of investments by targeting and setting-up satellite offices Vietnam, China and Brazil where there is the highest concentration of cotton mills globally to generate sales leads for the produce.


Cotton Production In Ghana

In 1968 the Ghana government realized a huge potential in cotton production and established the Ghana Cotton Development Board which later became the Ghana Cotton Company Limited to oversee cotton production in the country. This intervention was expected to enhance the livelihoods of cotton farmers and reduce poverty. The cotton belt in Ghana is similar in agro-ecology to other cotton-producing countries in the West African sub-region. About 80 percent of cotton producing land is in the three regions of northern Ghana, of which the Sissala area have the highest potential. The entire Sissala land has a huge potential for the cultivation of cotton even without the use of fertilizer.


The use of chemical fertilizers, weedicides, insecticides, pesticides and other synthetic preparations greatly used in cultivating conventional cotton which adversely impacts the environment is strictly avoided

Fresh & Healthy

Using natural processes by combing traditional innovation and science rather than artificial inputs sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. This further benefits the shared environment and promotes good quality of life for all involved.

100% Organic

The goal of Arailius is to produce 100% certified organic cotton by opting for the use of traditional and natural processes and strictly avoiding conventional methods of production.


Why Cotton in Ghana?

Former Great Industry

Ghana was a great cotton producing nation with neighbours that share common goal within cotton.

Retained Knowledge

Ghana has farmers and engineers that have in-depth cotton knowledge ready to revive cotton.

Perfect Climate & Logistics

The Geographical position within the north of the country along with the soil makes this an ideal location.

Endless Possibilities

Cotton has a multitude of by-products well beyond commodity cotton. Many of these can create separate industries.

Arailius Ghana

Our Process

Organic cotton is generally grown using methods and materials that have low impact on the environment in the production process. Its production sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people by using natural processes rather than artificial inputs. It combines traditional innovation and science to benefit the shared environment and promote good quality of life for all involved.


Acquisition of farm land  & Land preparation (land Demarcation and Clearing)  


Ploughing and Harrowing  & Sowing or Planting  


Fertiliser application (first and second fertiliser application) 


Weed Control (first and second weed Control )   



Insect and Pest Control  & Harvesting  


Bagging/Storage & Transportation 



Meet the Team


Annick Gouba

Chairperson, Arailius-Ghana

Annick Gouba-Guibal has worked as a consultant in project management, delivering business improvement and corporate communication in Western Europe, West and East Africa. Delivering assignments for… 

various international organizations (UNCATD, EU/ACP Secretariat) supporting the Africa cotton value chains.In 2007, Annick published a book on Sectorial Initiative in favour of West African cotton presented at the WTO. She then coordinated a special edition on the state of the cotton sectors in West and Central Africa in 2011 before moving into cotton and other commodity financing and controlling.

Annick holds a Master’s Degree in African History and a Specialised Master’s Degree in International Risk Management from HEC Paris.

Annick is fluent in French, English and German.


Samuel Salia (PhD)

Vice Chairman, Arailius-Ghana

Samuel has worked as the Managing Director for SAS Capital Money Lending Limited and as a Financial Management Consultant with the Management Development and Productivity Institute.

He has trained employees of central banks in Africa and undertaken financial structuring for various public and private sector organisations. Samuel also has extensive experience of teaching finance and held course directorship positions in universities within the UK. He is a member of the UK Institute of Consulting and a fellow member of the UK Higher Education Academy.

Samuel has published on issues of finance, conducted collaborative research on banking and finance and; regularly presents papers at national and international conferences. He has a PhD in Finance from Birmingham City University and a Masters in Financial and Legal Management from the University of West London.

Samuel is fluent in English and Hausa.

Stephen Arailius 600

Stephen Salia

General Manager, Arailius-Ghana

Stephen`s background is in engineering, consultancy and business development and has worked with international companies on projects in West Africa, such as AECO-UNETEC of…

Dubai as well as Louis Berger/ Transtech. 

He has an immense passion for empowering the region to become self-sustaining and was involved in an engineering capacity on the ‘Eastern Corridor Road Rehabilitation Project’ of Ghana.


Stephen has also consulted with UNICEF/Government to build capacity and improve sanitation in rural areas of Africa.

Stephen is fluent in English and Spanish.


Fabio Berti

Advisory Partner, Arailius-Ghana

Fabio Berti is an agricultural engineer; specialised in tropical agriculture and animal husbandry. For 20 years, he has worked as a project and research officer…

at Liege University Gembloux Agro Bio Tech (Belgium). 

Fabio has wide experience in Agricultural value chains, strategic policy design for their sustainable development; Functional, institutional and socio-economic analysis. 

Has experience in financial and economic analyses of development projects and on the EU-Africa Partnership on cotton, integrating the EU and ACP secretariat procedures in project/programmes management.

Fabio is fluent in French and English.


Jacqueline Brown

Advisory Partner, Arailius-Ghana

Jacqueline is an internationally experienced Senior Designer having lived and worked in London, Istanbul, Dusseldorf and Shanghai. 

Jacqueline has worked in areas including; researching and…

establishing seasonal trends, fabrics, silhouettes and trims to liaising and building relationships with suppliers and international accounts 

Her other experiences include consulting for multi-national brands. She was previously on the Steering Committee for the AFFORD 2012/2013 project ‘Africa Gives’. 

Fabio is fluent in English.


Edoardo Peterlini

Advisory Partner, Arailius-Ghana

Edoardo Peterlini has developed over 30 years career with the Commission of the European Union (DG I, DG VII, DG XIII), the United Nations Agencies (IFAD, UNIDO, WB, IOM) and Regional Organizations (COMESA, IGAD, IOC…

,… EAC, ACP Secretariat).

Edoardo has designed, managed, monitored and evaluated projects in the field of agri-business, agri value chain, and export promotion in more than 20 countries of Asia, Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe.

 In his latest assignment as Team Leader of the COS Cotton Programme (ACP 2014/ 2017), he added a specific expertise in the African cotton transformation value chain.

Edoardo is fluent in English, French and Italian.


Georges Toby (PhD)

International Development Manager, Arailius-Ghana

Dr. Georges Toby is the current President of the London-based Committee for International Co-operation between Cotton Associations (CICCA) and has worked in…

the agricultural commodity sector since 1982.

During this period Georges has occupied various positions including;  

Agricultural Products Marketing Lecturer at the University of Paris Dauphine, Advisor to the President of INTERAGRA, Past President of the French Cotton Association (AFCOT), Advisor to the Director General of DAGRIS (ex CFDT), General Manager for COPACO, Director of the Cotton Department at CAM NEGOCE.

Georges is fluent in Spanish, French, English, Italian and Portuguese.

About Us

Arailius-Ghana is an agricultural company currently investing in activities to develop a profitable cotton production project in Ghana. The project is a joint partnership with farmers exploring a farm model that combines commercial farms with small-holder farms.


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